well I forgot to update this thing for a while

Sorry I forgot to update this blog this semester. I had a great one, filled with tons of learning. I think I learned the most in the design research area, which is exactly what I wanted to focus on this semester. There was only one project the whole semester, so I really got to dig deep and do what I have come to realize I do best: Problem solving.

Long-story short: I designed a storage system for clean food equipment, to be used in restaurant kitchens and catering businesses. I chose this area because I have almost zero experience in the food industry, and I wanted to design for a market that I was wholly unfamiliar with.  Needless to say, I had to do a TON of research. I utilized Government documents from OSHA, FDA, Scholarly and industry journals, interviews, focus groups, and user testing (those are just the sources I can think of offhand). Again, I learned a lot, and created a dynamic system that I am very proud of. After all, I tested the concept with potential users and the product scored very highly.

So that’s about it. Sorry again for the lack of posts, but I’m always glad to talk about the project, and you’re always welcome to a portfolio.  So I graduated with Highest Honors  (Summa Cum Laude) from Georgia Tech with a BS degree in Industrial Design.  Woohoo!


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