four (!) weeks left

Exactly four weeks from tomorrow, my Co-op position ends. It’s coming incredibly fast, and I still have a good deal of work to do. My last week will consist of preparing and presenting everything that I’ve done here at my “End-of-Co-op Review.” These things tend to be a big deal, and I hear that all sorts of people get invited to these. I like to think that I have done a lot of special things with my time here, and I want to leave a good impression. So that really leaves only three weeks to finish my projects.

In other news I held a sketching/brainstorming session a week ago, and it went GREAT. I’ve never led one of these, and only participated in a few that I thought worked. Thanks go to my boss, for giving me some great tips. The main thing was to be very explicit what you want out of the participants: quality of sketches, amount of ideas,  how much time each round will be, etc. I got all sorts of great ideas, and now I know how to run brainstorming sessions! It was a good feeling to benefit from my own hard work and preparation.

Man, I can’t believe I only have four weeks left. I find myself asking the same questions that I have been asking all along. Have I really made the mist of my time here? Have I gone out of my way to benefit from this great opportunity?  I’m pretty sure that I have.


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