Monthly Archives: May 2010

four (!) weeks left

Exactly four weeks from tomorrow, my Co-op position ends. It’s coming incredibly fast, and I still have a good deal of work to do. My last week will consist of preparing and presenting everything that I’ve done here at my “End-of-Co-op Review.” These things tend to be a big deal, and I hear that all sorts of people get invited to these. I like to think that I have done a lot of special things with my time here, and I want to leave a good impression. So that really leaves only three weeks to finish my projects.

In other news I held a sketching/brainstorming session a week ago, and it went GREAT. I’ve never led one of these, and only participated in a few that I thought worked. Thanks go to my boss, for giving me some great tips. The main thing was to be very explicit what you want out of the participants: quality of sketches, amount of ideas,  how much time each round will be, etc. I got all sorts of great ideas, and now I know how to run brainstorming sessions! It was a good feeling to benefit from my own hard work and preparation.

Man, I can’t believe I only have four weeks left. I find myself asking the same questions that I have been asking all along. Have I really made the mist of my time here? Have I gone out of my way to benefit from this great opportunity?  I’m pretty sure that I have.


Six weeks and counting

Well I had my two presentations from the previous post, and everything went very well. I added a little humor, which was appreciated, and I had a great presentation (I’m getting much better at those. The key was understanding that if the presenter isn’t having fun/ being comfortable, then the audience feels the same way.)

But alas, as the end of the fiscal year looms ever closer, people are getting busier, and I needed a break. Plus some of my friends were graduating (Congratulations!) … and Iron Man 2 was about to open.

So I used up my vacation days, and spent an extended weekend in Atlanta. And it was just what I needed. I’m back at work with renewed vigor.

Today was the long-awaited tour of the pilot manufacturing plant that resides adjacent to the building that the Oral Care designers (and lots of other people) work in. It was something that I had expressed interest in seeing, so I set the whole tour up with the help of some R&D people and the awesome guy that actually walked us through the plant. They don’t normally do tours, but since we were working on Oral Care stuff, they showed us some of those manufacturing processes (with the machines off, for safety). The whole design team of about seven people got to go, and we all got outfitted with hair nets, lab coats, etc. The whole experience was very cool; it was like a live performance of the Discovery Channel’s How It’s Made. Everyone had a lot of fun, and I get to be the “hero for a day” for scheduling such an awesome event.

I’ve scheduled a sketching/brainstorming session for early next week, and then I’m going to begin wrapping up all my projects. Once I do that, I’ll start preparing my final Co-op Review, a brief overview of my accomplishments at P&G that I will present right before I leave.

Last day of the Co-op: June 25. That will be right at 24 weeks (6 months). It has gone by so fast…. But it only seems like that for a second. When I think back on all that I have learned, it seems like I’ve been here for a few years. Seriously, I’ve learned that much.

But hey, I have six weeks left, and that’s no cakewalk. I have a lot to do, and I plan on squeezing every bit of adventure and education from the time I have left.