IDSA recap + Presentations galore

Well it’s been two and a half weeks since the IDSA Southern District conference. I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed hanging out with my ID friends from Atlanta that made it up. I wasn’t too impressed with the city of Charlotte, though. It was too clean… like an overgrown mall.
The next week I went to Toronto to see my brother perform in a recital, and on the way back saw Niagara Falls (good thing I had my camera!)

The biggest news from the Co-Op is a bunch of presentations. I presented some sketches and concepts for one of our Oral Care products to someone from R&D, and it went very well. The original idea was to put the sketches in front of consumers during the next round of qualitative research, but my concepts poked so many holes at what the product could actually be that we need to go back and make sure that people will pay to have the needs I’ve identified be fulfilled. But I raised a lot of good questions that haven’t been looked at yet, so in that way I think the project was successful. Plus, my presentation went well.

Later today, after much postponing and anticipation, I will present all of the work I have done here to the rest of the Oral Care Design Group. My presentation is a mixture of mandatory self-promotion, info-graphics of my learning, and a few silly jokes. I think everyone is going to love it.

I’ve been told that a benefit of having a co-op / intern is that he/she can I bring in new information or tools that the group wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to. So… I’ve decided to give a 10 minute presentation on a really scary discovery and my view of how design directly influences the environment.
I haven’t really given much more detail than that, because I want the information to be kind of shocking, but I guess there’s no harm in spilling the beans online here. I think I’ve posted about the North Pacific Gyre before, but I’m pretty sure these guys haven’t heard of it. It’s just one aspect of one material in one instance, but even that is a huge problem. If I just rant about “Save the world” as people are wont to do, I’ll be respectfully ignored.

So those presentations are what’s going on. Plus, as the fiscal year is coming to a close, (terminating at the end of June, when I leave) things can get more frantic and more urgent. That’s something that I find interesting… life in the publicly-owned corporation, I guess. Oooh, and I taught myself a new trick in Illustrator!


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