Daily Archives: March 4, 2010

3 updates

Downtown Cincinnati from northern KY. Picture via vinacincinnati.blogspot.com

Update 1!

Everyone always asks me how I like my Co-Op with Procter&Gamble. So, for those of you who haven’t had the chance to ask, I’ll give you the extended canned response.

I’m learning a lot, obviously. I’m getting a lot of good insights and practice to further my design skills. But what I’m learning the most is the business side of design: the corporate language, organization management, and policy/procedures.

Update 2!

I talked to a guy who has a peculiar role. Through is own interest and research into the topic of storytelling, he has been able to make a name for himself as a “master storyteller.” Basically, if a project needs some help identifying what their strategy and goals are ultimately achieving, he will come in and make the project into a story. He will then break the story down and identiy certain areas that need to be focused on (like the hero, the mentor, the magic item… etc.) It all seems pretty silly, but it ends up being a nice tool to have when you need an outside opinion on something.

Storytelling can be especially helpful in marketing strategies. It helps identify what the brand’s role is in the story of a commercial or print ad. Again, I’m sure it sounds pretty weird, but there are very applicable uses to a guy who can draw analogies to stories like him.

Update 3!

Remember that presentation I gave last Wednesday? It was the one where I couldn’t have the Oral Care design manager present? Well I gave her a one-on-one presentation today. The feedback: She was impressed at the level of detail that I had gone into, and I did a good job presenting the information that she needed to know to make a quick, yet informed decision. So, it’s pretty sweet that she not only liked my presentation, but some of my ideas will get implemented!

The Score:              Adam 1            Corporate America 0