Concurrent projects and extension

I’m closing in on the end of my second month here at P&G, but I am getting an extension on my Co-Op term. Now I’ll be her through June. Which is awesome. As far as how I’m doing, one big difference from design school is that I have more projects going on at once (I had concurrent projects at Tech, but rarely two studio projects at once). I have four design related projects that I’m working on right now, with two or three more on deck.

All of these overlapping projects obviously means that time management is very important for everyone. Meetings and events have to be scheduled WAY in advance, because people are so busy. I have to schedule phone calls in advance!

One of the projects that I’ve been working on has just wrapped up. I gave a presentation on it to the Oral Care Design team and some outside designers. I think everything went pretty well. Everyone was very receptive to the work, and to my recommended next steps.

 Oh and since we’re talking about oral care design, check this link out. I saw it in the Skymall magazine the other day. Its pretty awful.


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