The bottom line

In a company as HUGE as P&G, if people didn’t watch the money that got spent, the company would go broke pretty quickly. I suspect that a bunch of companies met their demise this way.

Anyway, at P&G there is always someone keeping an eye on the books. It’s something I’ve never experienced… I’ve never had to worry about an actual “budget” that has a set income, only to have to figure out how to allocate chunks of money. Not to say they let me do any of the planning… which is probably a smart move.

Soooo. the point is that I think it’s pretty cool to be exposed to a company budget, and to see how it’s done. I’m sure as time goes on, budgeting will get a lot less exciting…

In other news, it started snowing again! A good sign for weekend skiing! (ugh I bet the place will be packed…)


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