Research papers are boring. Internet research is slightly less boring.

I can tell you that P&G does a helluva lot of research. Have I talked about this already? I’m not sure… but I think so. So I’ll keep this short. Besides, I need to go to bed. What, I have work in the morning!

I’ve been told that P&G pioneered consumer research… and I really don’t know if that’s true. But I can tell you that they don’t have to make a move without knowing exactly how consumers react. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, but they certainly have the expertise and resources to do thorough and pervasive research.

Coming out of the school environment, watching some projects lean more or less on research, it’s kind of neat to see this in-depth research… the kind that takes a month to just figure one detail out (okay, that may be a little exaggerated).

that’s it. thanks for paying attention to my late night ramble. Tomorrow, I sign up for the corporate gym, and go get some ice cream after work. As if it’s not cold enough.


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