The first few days at work…

No im just kidding. The first few days have been immersive, to be sure, but I’ve been met with nothing with kindness.

Oh I might need to mention this… if it seems like I’m being intentionally vague, it’s because I am. P&G has a strict policy about competitive secrecy. They’re a top company and lots of people would love to steal information from them, so I’ve been instructed to not really say anything specific about what goes on inside the building…

Anyway…At first, it’s been a little frustrating, since there are so many terms and acronyms being used that I just don’t understand yet. It seems that every other sentence has something that I need clarified. But again, the team has been very open to help me out whenever I have a question (they told me to ask a lot of questions, which is good. because I ask a LOT of questions). But here, at the end of the third day, I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of it. I guess they agree, because I’m starting to get some design projects assigned (small ones at first).

I’m getting a blurry picture of how the structure of P&G is set up… there are lots of levels of managers to be sure, but I obviously don’t see much of them. But I will tell you that my boss/ manager shares the same enthusiasm that I do for energy and “constructive chaos.”

I’ve been to LOTS of meetings, from financial stuff all the way to projects that are still in the development phases to the state of the market outside the US. Some of these meetings are more interesting than others, but they actually are teaching me how things get done at P&G. As much as Dilbert hates meetings, sometimes they are the best way to get things done.

Well that’s pretty much it for now. Since I was more of a walking sponge the first two days, I’ve kind of taken the “quiet and observing” role. But today, as I started to feel more comfortable with my role and my co-workers, I’m being more of myself. Not too much craziness, but I’m being…. me. And that’s worked out pretty well so far.


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