First things first

My goals for my new Co-Op position on the P&G Oral Care design team:

  1. Impress the hell out of everyone. I know it’ll be easy to get comfortable… to lean back and just do what has always been done. I don’t want to settle. I want to be energetic, full of passion, and stir in a little productive chaos. I want the corporate world to be stunned and impressed at the same time.
  2. Get a great experience. OK this one should be obvious. P&G is a hell of a company. They’ve been around for a loooooong time, and they are innovators in may of the ways corporations are run today. It’s an honor to be hired here. I’ve interned at an established yet small creative firm, I’ve helped start a small one, and now I want to try the other end of the spectrum: Corporate.
  3. Make lots of friends. Aside from he fact that I’ll be away from all of my friends in Atlanta, it’s always good to make new friends. It’s especially good to make friends that are in your industry. So… you can imagine that I’ll be asking for  business cards from a lot of people.  bank on that.

ok so those are my 3 goals for the Co-Op. So.. you might be wondering.. what the hell is Adam going to do with his free time? Well, good friends, I present this handy dandy tool:

The Guide to what the hell Adam is going to do with his free time

  • take pictures. lots of them. I got a nice camera, so why not go exploring and take some pictures?
  • explore Cincinnati
  • go skiing. at least once. hopefully more.
  • Go explore other cities… and sleep in my car to avoid paying for a hotel. (I want to hit Indianapolis, and Chicago for sure.)
  • Go to the IDSA Southern District Conference
  • Spend some time with the design kids at the University of Cincinnati
  • Join the gym inside (that’s right, inside) the P&G building and get a workout going
  • Try my hand at Expressionist painting

2 responses to “First things first

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  2. I like the last thing on your to do list! You should post some cool pics of your new city too – 🙂

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