Whew… News about this upcoming semester

Wow It’s been a while since I updated my design blog. Things have been rather hectic.

A quick update though:

The semester is over, and tomorrow is actually the last day of winter break before the spring semester at Georgia Tech begins.

I learned a lot, obviously. But the really cool news is what I will be doing starting Monday.  Instead of going to classes, I will begin a 12-week long internship (Co-op) with Proctor & Gamble. I’ll be working in the Oral care division with the design team. The “Oral Care” umbrella encompasses the brands: Oral B, Scope, and Crest.  From what I understand, I’ll be doing a mix of packaging design, graphic design, and straight product design.  Really, I’m happy to help out however I can.

This is the Mason Business Center, where I will be working. It is huge; the building has 1.15 million square feet of workspace, and employs around 2400 people…. in one building.

The only downside to this INCREDIBLE opportunity, besides being in a completely new setting (A Cincinnati suburb called Mason), is that this is only a 12- week stint. It’s a problem because the only class I need to graduate is Spring Studio, so coming back to Atlanta before then is kind of a waste.

P&G does their Co-Op scheduling by the quarter system, since that is what the local university is on, while Georgia Tech is on the semester system. So my best bet is to try and secure another Co-Op with P&G right after this first one ends (and then a few more after that). I’ve been told that this is not impossible to do, but there has to be an open slot and budget for me. After that, I should have a foot in the door since I’ve already been working for P&G.

More later on my plans and goals for these next 12 weeks, and what I pan to do with my free time!



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