Project 2 (simple mechanism)

As the title might suggest, the new project for our studio is a simple mechanism. A “simple mechanism” is defined as: a product that uses a simple machine or component to accomplish a task. We are tasked with redesigning an existing simple mechanism, but that doesn’t mean that the redesign has to look like its predecessor. The inherent challenge of this project is not to just redesign a product. the emphasis must be to fix an existing problem, not just make another variant of the same thing. For example, a 3-hole punch could be redesigned to be high-density clear acrylic, to let the user actually see where the holes are going to be in relation to their paper.



I have chosen a clipboard as my project. There have been many redesigns of clipboards, some of them good and some not. I’m not afraid of utilizing good ideas, (and I probably will) but I do want some thing that looks different. I’m not sure what that means yet.

Get excited for the endless potential that is a new project!


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