Still working on the lighting project.

Yes, the project is under full swing. However, My personal schedule for this project is a little bit accelerated, due to me missing the three days before the presentation. So everyone know what that means… no finishing up at the last minute. Which is a good thing, I guess.

It worried me a bit, but since I planned out my accelerated schedule two weeks ago, (and I am somehow still on track) I’m not too worried. On the docket next is a material and color study (partially shown below), and then I begin the process of building the prototype. Keep in mind that this is a working prototype, so we all must delve into the realm of electrical wiring. But the guys at Ack Supply, a local electronics parts store, have been very helpful to me, so I should be able to make something that won’t burn the building down.

Anyway, I have some of the parts on will-call at McMaster-Carr and some other parts I’ll have to pick up at the local Home Depot. Getting simple shaped parts for your prototype that are pre-made can be more expensive than making everything by hand, but in the end, you spend more time getting to the level of quality making tubes, etc. by hand than you really need to. And, as with any project, time is always in short demand.

Well. It’s time for some sleep… for tomorrow, the crafting begins.


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