The beginning of senior year

I am now a week and a half into my last year at Georgia Tech. My studio this semester is mostly with the same people I worked with over the summer, so we are already in the habit of hanging out after classes. I’m sure this trend will continue.

My studio instructor is Mr. Lionel Gillespie, better known to us as “Mr. G.” He has been teaching for a long time, and has been in the design industry even longer. Because he has been in the industry so long, he does a lot of things “old school.” I really thought that his traditional methods would clash with my fast-paced way of working, but it seems like it is fast becoming second nature to me.
The biggest difference is sketching style; he prefers pencil with shading, where I prefer felt-tip pen. But I seem to take very well to the pencil method, mostly because it’s what I grew up sketching with (until I got to Tech). I’m learning a lot from Mr. G.

The first project is a lighting device. My direction so far is a table lamp. I could try to explain it in words, but I think an uploaded sketch will work much better. Just give me a little bit to figure out how to scan pencil drawings without picking up wrinkles and smudges…


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