Monthly Archives: May 2009

Summer update

After some serious hibernation the first week of summer, and a trip to visit my brother in Canada, I got to work designing some summer projects.

Some are for me, while others are for real clients (I’m getting paid peanuts, but it’s the experience I’m after).

So far, I can tell you three things that I wish someone had told me.

  1. If you are going to be your own boss, be carefull not to work  only in your living space, because it’s very distracting.
  2. The same goes for parents. Very distracting.  ooof
  3. Don’t let lack of tools stop you. There is always a way to get things done once you stop making excuses.

so yeah. Those are my lessons learned, one third of the way into the summer.

But I am making some cool stuff, so it’s not all bad!

oooh, and… New Camera! I’ve always want to get into photography, and thanks to some spare birthday cash… well…  I got it.

Canon_hiRes_xsi_3qOh so sexy



Time for summer break to begin.

But no rest for me. I’m going to design a few projects for myself and a fiew family friends this summer. It should prove interesting.

Maybe I can start up a website and get myself publicized. Maybe I can get into some local design boutiques. Maybe I can start a small little boutique of my own. Who knows?

If my instructor from this past semester has taught me anything, it’s that impossible things happen when you get the right combination of luck, hardwork, and friendliness.

It’s going to be rough, doing all of this without a job. This means that I’m really going to push selling my stuff, and I’ll have to do some crazy odd-jobs (see yardworking, mowing, etc) But it wil all be worth it.

Even if this endeavor goes nowhere, as long as it is not from a lack of effort, it will still be a worthwhile experience. This is how stuff gets started. Keep in touch as this summer progresses, and you may find some neat stuff going on in my corner of the world…


Wow. my typography project is done. So are my modeling class projects. And above is an image of my finished studio project.

Again, please journey over to to see my last studio project in more detail.

Also… I was awarded an Industrial Design scholarship! sweet! Gotta love that money