working in the shop this week (and forever)

My entire studio is entrenched in building full-scale mock ups of our workstations that we designed. For  pictures and more about this process, check out this page detailing our class’s build process. But the REAL good stuff is at our group’s Tumblr page.


We are all working hard and working late. It’s a blast to be able to do this in oe huge space and help each other out, but it’s mega stressful. our group of three has a lot to build, and we have to do it in good quality.

The idea is that we are going to be very public about our designs, to the point that we are inviting anybody and everybody to come down to the shop and check out what we have designed.  (more details about this event to follow) This publicity means that we really need to make this stuff look GOOD.

Making things is (mostly) always more fun when you are doing it in a group. So with 11 students and one instructor, things get very fun, very loud, and very dusty.

Keep checking our group’s Tumblr page. It will continuously be updated.

In the meantime, I’m going back to the shop, whose space and tools have generously been lent to us by Resource Design Studio.
Thanks, Resource!


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