Working in groups

I think that the group project I am currently a part of in studio is probably the best group project I’ve had yet.
Not because the project itself is stellar (although it is pretty cool), but because my group members are awesome.

In the past, there has always been at least one unmotivated person in my groups. These instances usually end up with me trying to motivate this person about design, even though his/her heart really isn’t that into it.

My current group is great because they are all self-motivated, enthusiastic, and creative designers. This is the way group design is supposed to work.

We sat around a table tossing ideas back and forth, letting the concepts flow on paper as well as verbally. When one person us stumped, another picks up and keeps the creative juices flowing. Everyone was being pretty selfless about whose ideas get chosen; we all are focused on coming up with great designs together.

It’s really nice to be in a group that matches your own enthusiasm. I see good things on the horizon for our project…


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