Designing cool stuff

We have a pretty good idea of how everything works in our hair salon redesign.

We ran through the Principles of Universal Design, as delineated by the Center for Universal Design at NC State, to make sure that our designs were compatible with everyone’s needs.

But we found that our shapes were pretty boring. I think we just got caught up in designing a whole space. We are designing a lot of objects for this space: a chair with integrated tool holsters and power outlets, a raising/lowering platform to accommodate all heights, rolling drawers that can act as a mobile tabletop, and rolling glass partitions that also showcase hair products.

That’s a lot of different projects, as opposed to one projects, and we found ourselves coping by not delving that deeply into the design.

Thankfully, we caught ourselves. After a search for inspiration at Borders, Space, and Chipotle, we are back on the track, pushing creative boundaries once again.

Ahhhhh… it’s good to be designing things.


One response to “Designing cool stuff

  1. Carolyn Stewrat

    Nice work adam! looks like yall are up to a bunch–i’m impressed with your work!!

    keep it up

    —from nz, carolyn

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