Birthday and Internships


Well, I’ve been trying to find a product design internship for the past 5 months or so. It’s not easy. It’s all about networking and being prepared.

So I have a few things still working themselves out, but no confirmations yet. Design internships are hard enough to find as it is, but the recent financial crisis has caused many companies to suspend their internship program.

But that doesn’t mean I’m applying to any and all internships with the word “design” in it. I’m still only applying to ones I think I would enjoy and be a good fit in.

So.. the question I keep getting… What if I don’t get an internship?
I think the answer I have figured out is that I’ll work on my portfolio this summer, doing personal projects and ones that just sound cool. I’m also going to start stirring up some contract work.

Who knows? If I put this stuff online, then maybe I’ll be able to sell stuff to local boutiques!

So, even in the face of no internships this summer, I’m still pretty excited at a great opportunity to get better ad have some fun.

Oh. And it’s my birthday today. Woohoo!


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