news, thoughts, and the IDSA conference

“Charrette de 24 Heures,” A design competition sponsored by IDSA Atlanta will start on April 11th. For those of you without a calendar in front of you, that’s Saturday. It’s a 24 hour design competition, and the information will be available starting midnight, April 11th.

All design students should do this; it’s great exposure.


Also, I recently returned from the Southern District IDSA conference! this year is was in New Orleans, and it was incredibly fun and informative. I got to play on the newest Wacom products, listened to informative speakers, review my and others’ portfolio, and got to meet some really cool design students from around the district. Plus, I had a lot of fun hanging around New Orleans.

More news:

I just decided to get on LinkedIn.Click here to see my profile

From what I hear, this is a great way to keep in touch with professionals, without using a more laid-back network like Facebook.

AND OF COURSE, it’s been a  whirliwind of activity since the ATLtoNYC trip got back, but I promise that the next post will reveal the impressive and useful insights gained on this trip.


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