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Shop work

I love to build things, and this past week, I have only stopped building to sleep for scant few hours.

Its a killer on the nerves sometimes, but it’s been a lot of fun. And we are not done yet.


I’ve learned a whole lot about different ways to build things, and I’ve taught others my own tricks. It’s been a whole collaborative effort by our entire studio to get these models made.

But it’s a lot of fun. Especially when you see a sketch that was an idea in your head, then look up and see it manifested.

Yeah, I definitely picked the right career.

Check out to see pictures and thoughts throughout the process.


check this site out!

As I said in my last post, my group’s latest adventures in the shop can be seen at

It’s a bit whimsical in nature sometimes, but it captures the mood and shows lots of pretty photos.

Anyway, that’s where I’m spending 90% of my waking hours this week, and the site gets updated many times throughout the day.

So, I have learned in the past that it’s usually a wise decision to be at least semi- rested when dealing with large power tools. And with that pearl of wisdom, I bid you a goodnight.

working in the shop this week (and forever)

My entire studio is entrenched in building full-scale mock ups of our workstations that we designed. For  pictures and more about this process, check out this page detailing our class’s build process. But the REAL good stuff is at our group’s Tumblr page.


We are all working hard and working late. It’s a blast to be able to do this in oe huge space and help each other out, but it’s mega stressful. our group of three has a lot to build, and we have to do it in good quality.

The idea is that we are going to be very public about our designs, to the point that we are inviting anybody and everybody to come down to the shop and check out what we have designed.  (more details about this event to follow) This publicity means that we really need to make this stuff look GOOD.

Making things is (mostly) always more fun when you are doing it in a group. So with 11 students and one instructor, things get very fun, very loud, and very dusty.

Keep checking our group’s Tumblr page. It will continuously be updated.

In the meantime, I’m going back to the shop, whose space and tools have generously been lent to us by Resource Design Studio.
Thanks, Resource!

Working in groups

I think that the group project I am currently a part of in studio is probably the best group project I’ve had yet.
Not because the project itself is stellar (although it is pretty cool), but because my group members are awesome.

In the past, there has always been at least one unmotivated person in my groups. These instances usually end up with me trying to motivate this person about design, even though his/her heart really isn’t that into it.

My current group is great because they are all self-motivated, enthusiastic, and creative designers. This is the way group design is supposed to work.

We sat around a table tossing ideas back and forth, letting the concepts flow on paper as well as verbally. When one person us stumped, another picks up and keeps the creative juices flowing. Everyone was being pretty selfless about whose ideas get chosen; we all are focused on coming up with great designs together.

It’s really nice to be in a group that matches your own enthusiasm. I see good things on the horizon for our project…

Designing cool stuff

We have a pretty good idea of how everything works in our hair salon redesign.

We ran through the Principles of Universal Design, as delineated by the Center for Universal Design at NC State, to make sure that our designs were compatible with everyone’s needs.

But we found that our shapes were pretty boring. I think we just got caught up in designing a whole space. We are designing a lot of objects for this space: a chair with integrated tool holsters and power outlets, a raising/lowering platform to accommodate all heights, rolling drawers that can act as a mobile tabletop, and rolling glass partitions that also showcase hair products.

That’s a lot of different projects, as opposed to one projects, and we found ourselves coping by not delving that deeply into the design.

Thankfully, we caught ourselves. After a search for inspiration at Borders, Space, and Chipotle, we are back on the track, pushing creative boundaries once again.

Ahhhhh… it’s good to be designing things.

Birthday and Internships


Well, I’ve been trying to find a product design internship for the past 5 months or so. It’s not easy. It’s all about networking and being prepared.

So I have a few things still working themselves out, but no confirmations yet. Design internships are hard enough to find as it is, but the recent financial crisis has caused many companies to suspend their internship program.

But that doesn’t mean I’m applying to any and all internships with the word “design” in it. I’m still only applying to ones I think I would enjoy and be a good fit in.

So.. the question I keep getting… What if I don’t get an internship?
I think the answer I have figured out is that I’ll work on my portfolio this summer, doing personal projects and ones that just sound cool. I’m also going to start stirring up some contract work.

Who knows? If I put this stuff online, then maybe I’ll be able to sell stuff to local boutiques!

So, even in the face of no internships this summer, I’m still pretty excited at a great opportunity to get better ad have some fun.

Oh. And it’s my birthday today. Woohoo!


Ok. So here’s the recap you’ve been waiting for. But for the thoughts from the entire class, check out the blog on our website which is still being updated.

I learned a lot about how people treat the business of design in the real world.I’d say that every place we we went to had their own specialty. I was pretty impressed by almost everyone.

We went to the Cooper Hewitt museum, but unfortunately did not have enougth time to go to MOMA. But I did get to hang around the MOMA store which was pretty cool.

After the trip though, we were all exhausted. We had so many tours planned, that we werre rushing around New York every day.

But it was totally worth it. And if anyone that helped us go on the trip is reading this, Thank You. It was an invaluable experience for all of us.

The senior lighting design studio at Tech was inspired by our success so much that they have planned their own trip. You can check them out at their website here.

So now, after a whirlwind of trips, it’s time to focus back on studio, where my group is redesigning the barbershop workstation.

I think the craziest thing is that most hair cutters who have been in the industry for a while have a lot of damage to their bodies from standing up and doing repetitive motions for so long. This could be a real source of inspiration for my group and I.