new york trip + spring break

As many people know, my studio and I have decided to take a trip to New York City to experience real life design firms, and get some great relationships with working professionals. If you havn’t been to to see what’s going on, I highly suggest it. As we get closer to our March 24th departure date, we continue to pick up more support.

We are all very excited. I’m no sure if I will bring my laptop with me (probably not) so I may not be able to give direct updates, but you can check the Live Blog.

After we get back, we’ll be off to New Orleans for the Southern District IDSA Conference. And on that note, congratulations go to Stephen Kennedy, Georgia Tech’s Merit Award Winner! 3254336823_ce4e0f8546He will be representing GT at the IDSA conference, where he will present his student work. If chosen as the best of the conference, he will represent GT (and the rest of the southern district schools) in the IDSA National Conference. It’s a pretty big deal, and we all know he’ll do a great job.

All of this… on top of trying to find a summer design internship, and a big studio project, and some other classes.

But first, spring break. Which starts……………………………………… Now.


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