new project

I love the start of a new project. There is so much potential just… floating around. All you have to do is just get it, like picking an apple off a tree.

We are doing a project that has some overtones of Human Factors, and Universal Design. I feel pretty passionately about UD so I’m pretty psyched. Also, this is a group project. I have had mixed experiences with group projects; sometimes I work with slackers and sometimes I work with an enthusiastic designer.

This project I made sure to get a great group of people, and I know we will come up with some great stuff.  So be sure to keep an eye on their blogs too: Sarah Melgen and Jesse Mejia.
I can’t wait. These designers are very much like me: energetic, creative, and fun.

Things are looking up. But in the mean time, I’m looking forward to spring break starting on Saturday.


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