Review reflections

Our project presentations went well today. I really liked the creative problem solving that we all applied to our specific projects. I feel like some presetations weren’t as clear as others.

First off, our presentations were digital, as oppoesd to plotting out large presentation boards.  I think there are, as with most things in life, advantages and disadvantages to digital presentations


  • Animations– Instead of saying, “Well, it works like this… and you move a part here” you can just show a quick 10 second clip that describes use. They say pictures are worth a thousand words… and now I’m saying that a movie is worth a thousand (ok maybe a hundred) pictures.
  • Less worry about image quality– No matter how hi-res the file size, I’m pretty sure most monitors will not display higher than 72 pixels per inch. This means you can render your files out at a smaller size, and they will be done rendering quicker.
  • Cheaper– An obvious advantage. Digital presentations are free, and you can work on them any time up to the actual presentation. Not so with printed presentation boards.
  • More Information– I had a lot of shop (orthographic) drawings in my presentation. Had I presented these on  boards, they would have to be huge for people to be able to see all the annotations. This way, I’d spend a lot of time and money and take of a WHOLE lot of space,  which overwhelms the reviewer. So don’t be afraid to add some extra pictures or slides on that digital presentation;  you can always skip it later.
  • Less Practicing– In a digital presentation, the slides (or pictures, or whatever) are already in order, so you don’t have to try to memorize what you are going to talk about first. I strongly encourage practicing, but in a time crunch, it’s less of a necessity when you have already laid out the entire presentation on a computer file.

OK.  Disadvantages…

  • It’s easy to disengage– Since the reviewers are looking at  a screen and not you, it is harder to communicate things verbally. Many people don’t even realize that they are talking in a monotone voice when the audience is
  • Linear Presentations- You can only show one slide at a time, whereas all of your presentations boards are up at once. Its is much harder to reference different slides in a presentation, because you have to go find them. This makes for  choppy transitions.

Well that’s all for now. Lok forward to my thoughts on the ID career fair

Now he project is omplete, so it’s time to hibernate.


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