mini review

OK. so here is the plan. I know I’m not done yet, but the plan is to bust some serious butt and get 98% of this project done by Wednesday. That means getting through a sweet Design research project, a paper that I have to write by tomorrow (doh!), typography, model making, All on top of studio. I don’t mean to whine… I’m just trying to sort this out in my head.

Ok. so the idea is to do 3 reviews. well, more like 2.5. the first (half) review is …. right now. I’m going to ask everyone what they don’t inherently “get” about the design. You are welcome to help out.

List of things that need to be stressed/mentioned/explained for the review:

  • What feeling I’m going with: A goofy, almost Wile E. Coyote approach to kitchenware. WHAT THIS MEANS: goofy, silly, obtuse (yet still usable), enjoyable, amusing, playful, interesting
  • how they are used. Obviously. there seems to be some people that have differences of opinions on how they think the oven might work (they are not sure how far to turn the handle). On a working prototype, this would not be an issue, because they would try to turn it 360 degrees, only to find that it stops after 30 (ish). Still, it’s worth addressing to clear up any confusion. Confusion absolutely KILLED me in a presentation two years ago. I learned my lesson.
  • how it works: a reasonably workable yet lofty solution of workability. In one corner we will have an exploded view, and in the other corner we will have some sketches. (the oven is especially challenging for people.) ALSO: make sure to mention that there is enough insulationg plastic to keep the dials from getting too hot.
  • Form solutions, and their problems. THIS MEANS: sketch progression, study models, and everything that got me to my solutions. Also: WHY the pasta boiler isn’t square!

WEDNESDAY NIGHT, BOARDS ARE DUE (for me). I better get to work, yo.

*Note- Pasta boiler might change a tad bit



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