concurrent project

In my Advanced Model-Making class, we have a new project. Basically, we have a new CNC plasma cutter. Trip (the shop guy) has never had this while teaching the modeling class. So.. we are charged with making a birdhouse, utilizing the plasma cutter and other metal modeling techniques.

I don’t want this project to just be some checkmark on the gradesheet. This may not be a portfolio piece (or will it?) but I want to attack this problem as I would a normal project.

So here are (some of)  the project parameters:

  • entry hole diameter is 1.5″
  • must have water drain and heat vent
  • Must be able to remove bird nest
  • Must utilize 0.06″ steel sheet metal on the plasma cutter

My direction (as of 30 minutes ago) is thus:

The birdhouse is to be installed outside of studio, AKA in the middle of Atlanta. I want the design to be a reflection of the new style of architecture that can be seen in Atlanta
(and Buckhead).

This means  lots of tall yet elegant forms. Also, this makes the (forced) use of metal a more obvious choice. I have to go research some of Atlanta’s skyline to get some more inspiration now.

But, what a cool direction. I’m pretty stoked.



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