high gear, low gear

I’m very tired. I did a lot of work since Monday. A lot of good work.

Yeah, I’m still behind the “master schedule” (but I’m on a revised plan that should have me back on track by Monday). But I got a lot of great ideas and thoughts out, and it all contributes to a solid process journey of my concepts. The more thought I put in, the stronger decisions I can make.

I’m almost to the point where I can jump off the sketchbook and into sketch modeling. There are a lot of students that are rushing through or completely bypassing the sketch modeling phase. I can’t really condone that, but hopefully they have a plan. or maybe they just are that much farther ahead of me.

I need to do sketch modeling so I can solve major and minor form details. I need to solve interaction points, and scale/proportion issues. I think when people rush to get a final design, these details are completely overlooked, leaving their final design laden with assumptions and a lack of usability. Unfortunately it happens a lot in the real world.Sadly, it happens a lot in school, too.


This model ship is very badass. It’s intricate, and beautiful. But it can only get this way with a lot of effort and patience.Can you imagine what this would look like if this was made quickly, impatiently, and cutting corners?


without adequate thought, even products with a cool idea behind them don’t get used. Sure, the might look cool on the store shelf, but no one would even think of buying it. And for all the social change designers strive for, we have failed if no one wants our product.

Well I can only be one person. I am excited that my designs are getting to be very sleek and elegant. I think I have some really awesome stuff. But if I want to get to Monday with a shop drawing (that’s when it’s due) I can’t stop busting my butt.

no rest for the weary. no sleep for the passionate.


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