frustration breeds innovation

Well I presented my stuff today… and I’ll admit I wasn’t 100% happy with the design of the timer or the pasta cooker. Which is why I was a little relieved when i talked to the instructor and he liked an earlier pasta cooker concept better than the final one.

It actually was from a line of products that I designed out of frustration. What happened was: I was trying to design some “blue-sky” concepts that I could later pull into the realm of reality. Butthese kooky concepts kept being more “eye-candy” than usable products. They were more art than desirable cooking tools.

So to keep my mind sane, I sketched some other products that followed my direction, but were a little more reasonable. I liked them. The instructor liked them. And the rest, as “they” say, was history.

Unfortunately, “they” must come from the future, because that is where I start my work. I’m glad that I refound my direction like this, because I’ll have a much better design in the end. But… it puts me a little behind schedule. I still have to distill what makes my toaster and pasta cooker so great, and apply that equation to my timer.

Being satisfied with your own design is a good thing.


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