what do i do with this?


well this is a good start. where can i go from here?

My plan is to do research today, sketches tomorrow.


as far as foods go, I know from my research that parents like to make these things with their kids:

  • pasta (stove)
  • bread (mixer, oven)
  • cake (mixer, oven)
  • vegetables (microwave, stove)
  • cookies (mixer, oven)

appliances used for these would be: mixer, oven, stove

These can be boiled down into mixing and heating. I really don’t want to make a family involving large appliances, because that my be a little too… Boring? Simple? Overbearing?  I don’t know, but there is a pang of reluctancy to touch “oven” and “stove.” They are too big and bulky. Fixtures like that are projects all on their own, not to be tackled in groups. But now I’m thinking… it doesn’t have to be a large fixture…it can be a countertop appliance…

Thats why the George Foreman Grill was such a hit. It fulfilled a need where there was no previous solution. That’s how breakthrough products are created.

so… I’ll be doing what ive been tryng to avoid.. but on my terms.  there can be no denying that my research is telling me that the three appliances that I will be designing are:

  1. mixer (pretty wide open potential here. I get the opportunity to look at what the mixing task entails, and what does that mean for the user)
  2. Oven (not a traditional one… smaller. and for baking. but not child-centered like the EasyBake oven)
  3. Stove (again, not huge. this may end up into a “water boiler” or a fixed pot with a heating element. Isn’t that a crock pot? can you boil water with those?)

phew I’m glad those decisions have been made. these last few days have been stressful.


One response to “what do i do with this?

  1. I feel like we may end up going in a similar direction…

    Do you know if we’re having a presentation Monday, or just more one-on-one time?

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