you think this is easy?

To get some inspiration for design opportunities, I took an approach learned from David Ringholz. I broke down usability steps into the most “stupid simple” steps I could, and then found the design opportunities at each step. So now I have 6 pages of 10 pt. font of this stuff. I’m not going to post it all here.. because it’s a lot… but below is an excerpt:

Place bowl back on the base of the mixer

Can this be done easily? Is there anything in the way making this task difficult? where does the bowl actually sit? How do you know if it is where it is supposed to be?

Lock the bowl to the mixer

Will the bowl lock if it is not in the right position? How hard is it to lock the bowl? Is it an easy motion to do? Can a child do it? Should a child do it? Is there feedback telling when it is locked/unlocked? Can this be done with one hand?

Slowly lower mixing head so mixing piece is in bowl.

What happens if it is not done slowly? Will food go everywhere? What happens if it does? Can a child do this with one hand? How do you hold the mixing head? Is there a specific way to lower it slowly? Can this ever get knocked out of alignment?

Plug mixer into wall socket

How long is cord? Can the user accidently leave the plug in the socket? Is the cord easily accessible? Does the cord get in the way when mixer is stored? Does the cord connect at the back f the mixer?

Turn on

How? Is there a button? Does there have to be a separate function of turning the machine on and setting the speed? is there feedback telling if the machine is on or off? What senses does the feedback target?

Starting at stopped, slowly turn the speed up on the mixer until desired speed is reached

Is there a button? A switch? Dial? Lever? Slider? Is there adequate feedback? What keeps the speed on one setting and not another setting? Are there quick buttons that are pre-programmed for certain jobs? how do you know what speed is desired? What happens if the speed is turned all the way up quickly? Is there a slipping mechanism? If not, will this spray food out of the mixing bowl? How can this be prevented?


One response to “you think this is easy?

  1. Ah! What a brilliant idea!

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