direction: found

WHO these kitchen appliances are for: young family – not targeted at young kids, but at their parents. maybe new (ish) parents. their kids might be 2-5 years old.

SETTING: in home. definitely not a huge house.
these parents are definitely excited about being new parents, but a little freaked out… this whole “kid” thing can be pretty life-consuming. So they are a little tired, but they aren’t old. they still want to have fun. they jsut want to do it in a timely manner. because no one else is gunna get a band-aid for that little boo-boo.

PRODUCTS in the set: What products do traditionally home-cooked meals come from? (I have 3 for now. these are subject to change. There are a lot of new parent out there, and I plan on talking to a lot of them.)

***Grill (think george forman grill)
***Toaster oven

fancy design link of the day:
The science behind creativity


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