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wish list + life everything

Wish list for a small design boutique

  1. CNC Router
  2. Dust/ vapors collecting system
  3. Table Saw w/ fence
  4. Laser Cutter

That could keep me afloat. If I have learned anything from my recent encounters with design entreprenuers, it’s that it only takes a will to succeed. It sounds prety simple, but it’s not.

anyway. I have another concurrent project: my typography final project. Its going to  based on the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote : “The key to every man is his thought. Sturdy and defying though he look, he has a helm which he obeys, which is the idea after which all his facts are classified. He can only be reformed by showing him a new idea which commands his own.” It’s going to be a chair. I’m focusing on the idea that a man has a wall; a hard exterior. and under all those thick layers, there is a soft area that contains childhhod memories, core beliefs, and hopes/dreams.    sketches to be posted soon…

Studio project going well. lots of work to do. It’s getting very daunting.  So I have those three projects (Studio, Typography, Advanced Modelmaking) to work on, plus a paper to write for Art History. Plus a Portfolio review tonight, and a hang out session with the SCAD kids.               … wow. this is pretty normal for me. Is that normal? for students? for designers?


concurrent project

In my Advanced Model-Making class, we have a new project. Basically, we have a new CNC plasma cutter. Trip (the shop guy) has never had this while teaching the modeling class. So.. we are charged with making a birdhouse, utilizing the plasma cutter and other metal modeling techniques.

I don’t want this project to just be some checkmark on the gradesheet. This may not be a portfolio piece (or will it?) but I want to attack this problem as I would a normal project.

So here are (some of)  the project parameters:

  • entry hole diameter is 1.5″
  • must have water drain and heat vent
  • Must be able to remove bird nest
  • Must utilize 0.06″ steel sheet metal on the plasma cutter

My direction (as of 30 minutes ago) is thus:

The birdhouse is to be installed outside of studio, AKA in the middle of Atlanta. I want the design to be a reflection of the new style of architecture that can be seen in Atlanta
(and Buckhead).

This means  lots of tall yet elegant forms. Also, this makes the (forced) use of metal a more obvious choice. I have to go research some of Atlanta’s skyline to get some more inspiration now.

But, what a cool direction. I’m pretty stoked.



busy day.
busy night.
This is a poor example of a haiku.

I’m glad I’m at the point that I can focus solely on small details. The details can make or break this project. But that’s nothing new…

Basically… the timer now has a “detonator” trigger on it. that is pretty funny, I think. It definately follows my direction. It’s very Wiley E. Coyote, or Dudley Do-Right. Definitely playful and  childish, but still amusing in a more mature sense. I’m very happy with this.



time to be in the shop.
I’m in a good place to be right now. I’m doing form tweeks on 2 items, but one is a little behind. not so bad. comparatively.

sketching, modeling will help. David suggested I move into higher resolution modeling. which is cool, but expensive. Sign foam in 16″ long sheets gets to be pricey. But I will also utilize solidworks as a process tool, as well as a model building package. it just takes some know-how. Which I have.

I think it is normal at this school to be perpetually tired.

5 weeks is a long time for a project, especially we just had a project that took 3 weeks. and even then, the reviewer said that he thought 3 weeks was a long time. so. yeah.

not much news today. I finished my shop drawings, after learning the new Solidworks program. It’s not too different. They fixed a lot of the old glitches, but I saw a whole lot of new ones. Figures. but yeah.. about 12 hours in the computer lab…

I found this:
Read it. All of it. Its very informative, and not boring.

…by the way,
Iwant this

work. work.

yeah…. im in the computer lab in one of our campus-wide famous “solidworks parties”. not really. its more like 5 of us in here working on our designs.

Any way during a break, I was reading my classmates’ blogs, and I came across this: From Coroflot’s Creative Seeds Blog

so. you can read that. and I’ll get back to work.


Still working hard

lots to do. as always.

I took it upon myself to figure out where people are going to stay for the IDSA disctict conference (link here). It’s in New Orleans this year! very exciting…. we have a bunch of people to house, and we’d like to all be close (and not in hotels).

Also, this ATL to NYC thing is getting big. I had 30 views on this blog that came from my link on the ATL to NYC website. Ihave already gotten the contact for Core77 to invite us (yeah I did that myself), and I’m looking at getting some funding from SGA here at GT, as well. Also, I’m hoping to get some big Atlanta companies in on this… Yeah, I’ve been pretty active in communicaating with all these people, getting ATL to NYC promoted. It’s a lot to keep track of.

Studio work, as always, is at the forefront. I don’t need to say a whole lot about that.

Also… IDSA@GT Portfolio Review coming up!  SCAD students are makingthe trip up to patticipate, too. It should be very cool. Maybe I’ll ssee some of the people I met at last year’ IDSA conference(in Savannah)

Ok. that about wraps it up. I’m going to try to put more pictures on here. I get that its a blog, but it gets kinda boring after a while.