Review – epilogue

So I have some mixed feelings about the review…

I definitely knocked my stuff out! I wasn’t nervous at all. I knew everything about my project, and I was ready for anything to be thrown at me. Practicing presenting to my roommate definitely helped me be more confident in the review. plus I had notecards to back me up. And, I’m always a fan of the black cloth shelf. So… I think i had one of the better presentations. I’m definitely proud of that.

The reviewer had good comments, and he seemed very receptive and appreciative to my hard work. He said that my intensive effort was the kind of thing he wanted to see. I’m pretty pleased. He didn’t really have anything negative to say… he said I needed to handle some small massaging issues. And DEFINITELY resolve how this thing gets manufactured.

But we can all do better. Having projects that are impossible to make is not good enough. For any of us.
It doesn’t make sense to stay up all night working on stuff that is only so-so.

So I feel pretty good, but …. a little disheartened.


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