Time to get hop, hop, hoppin.

Review on Monday. Got to do layout, finishing touches. I hope to plot Saturday night. Maybe. Sophomores have their review on Monday, too, so the line will be extra long. I am pretty sure SOMEONE doesn’t realize that, and they will be late to get their boards. I’ll do what I can to remind everyone.

I think I like oak for the material of the set. Wood was my intention but I led David talk me out of it way early on. But its definably do-able… the have wood bowls, don’t they? I’ll just have to do some research on safe methods of sealing wood in case the reviewers ask me some questions.

I think I got this. I want THIS to be the review where I know everything there is to know about this project. No decision has been left on the table; haphazardly decided (or undecided). I plan on practicing presenting. Combing my hair. Buying new dress shoes? if I have time…
I’m gonna NAIL this presentation.

But its going to take a lot of work. I have done more work than average on this. But if I slack on the presentation, only David and me will know it. That’s not cutting it anymore.

Presentations skills: that’s the designer’s money. That’s communication. That’s the one.

So… Anyone have any ideas how to show a lot of pictures but not have them REALLY small and hard to see?


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