News from around


Check out Jen Stark. She is an artist whose unique work has become pretty viral. Her advertising breakthrough? Blogs.

she has a pretty cool story to tell on Youtube that I highly recommend listening to. Sure, she makes art, but the relevance for designers is still there.

In other news, new President Obama made a speech about his plan for the Economy, which can be read on the White House Blog. That’s relevant for everyone.

Here’s a good article on The importance of Design Blogs!. I thought that this would be of particular interest to… you know who you are.

And lastly, the local news.

Some renderings and the volumetric model. I’ve been wrestling with the idea of using wood as a material, or using ceramic. I got a comment that i should use the warm brown color of the clay for the set. maybe i’ll do the cup in ceramic and the plates in wood? who knows. still deciding. Any thoughts?


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