We pinned up all our stuff today for a silent presentation to the class.We went around the room and commented on each others’ designs via sticky notes. Here are the comments I got. I took the liberty of responding to all of the comments, as well as putting a table at the bottom showing some numbers of the types of comments I got. So here they are:

I like the ergonomic handles; it really forces the interaction you intended.


Lots of models for arms — was there development on the curvature of the rest of the cup?

If you look at my storyboards, you will see that the main body explored through (at least 4-5) pink foam models, and then the arms were explored with clay.

Great process — it’s very linear and easy to understand Yes! Score!

it seems like you put much more thought into the cup than the other pieces. I don’t see how they fit together.

It doesn’t look like I thought hard about the plate/saucer because they were developed based on the cup, which was already extensively explored. I wanted the plate/saucer to stay in the background; he cup is the “feature presentation.” Just because something is simple does not mean it wasn’t thought out, you know.

Bigger pictures of final model please ! You did a really good job of exploring forms and as well as connecting emotions to the product.

Fo sho. 11X17’s are a little restricting when you want to show an extensive storyboard. But other people have made comments thanking me for the detailed storyboard, so I let you get up close to see the whole thing (since you were walking around anyway).

I love the little intro story. It sets the mood. Very clear direction. Some drawings are a little too tiny

Thanks. I feel much more able to express felling and emotion through a story than three separate words. I did like the idea of displaying your own definitions of your keywords. I think that could help express feeling as well. I’ll do that for the Final presentation.

It would have been nice to see some more thought directed into the plates. The cup is great though — it really directs the user on how to approach it. Props on all the nifty study models.

Yeah I did a lot of study models because, for this project, it was easier to investigate form through modeling than through sketches. Design is all about problem solving- finding the quickest and best way to find the best-fitting solution.

You put a lot of thought into the arms of the cup, but seemed to just settle when it came to your saucer and plate on circular forms

Umm see earlier comment explaining this

great boards, can read your thought process very well.


The wooden design would not look very good. It would make it seem like something other than a cup. The color of the clay on the model looks nice.

I actually am intrigued by this idea. The warm brown of the clay does look good with a warm, natural peace to it. There may be something to this!

I feel like the cup looks like a T-shirt, which I guess is welcoming? But maybe too literal.

Do you feel this way because of a view from the side? The “t-shirt” view is most easily seen when looked at dead on from the side, a view not occurring very often. Is this to literal, really? I might have to disagree.

Good use of a picture to tell the story of how you hold and drink from it.

Good exploration with study models. Make pictures bigger. Cup looks like Winnie the Pooh.

Thanks! Another fan of the storyboard technique.

Very warm and welcoming and calm. Is that rod supposed to be there? It looks really comfortable in warming and easy to drink out of.

No the rod is a relic from the process explained on the board. I do need to take it out, now that it is time to present. By the way it IS comfortable and easy to drink out of. I was very happy with the feeling I got when I put it up to my lips and pretended to drink out of it.

don’t do a wood pattern. Cheesy and strange because it’s ceramic celebrate the material.

Hmm there is definately some truth to this. Would you feel better if it was made of wood, or it was ceramic with warm brown paint? Hmmm.. definitely needs some rumination.

I like your top its earthy, warm and homey. I think the rendering really suffered because of your layout. Give your final product a whole page to shine.

Well I knew people would be wandering and walking right up to it for this presentation. I wouldn’t dare show a 3 inch picture to a reviewer 10 feet away from me!

nice photos. Bar is distracting. Why fake wood grain? faux finishes stressed me out!

I’m getting a lot of negativity towards using fake wood grain. This is probably not a coincidence. I’m really starting to agree. I should try faking wood grain with paint on paper and se how it turns out. If it looks great, than it may have an argument.

I’m glad you storyboarded the use of it to further explain it. I think the set fits your words well. I also really like the idea of using wood as a final material. it’s very homey, and fits your words.

Like I just said: the wood is standing trial. I need to see if it’s worth it o fake it, or if I should choose between color or real wood.

it’s very cute. The materials work.

Hmm. Another fan of the wood? I don’t think they understood that it was fake wood though.

I feel like I can drink hot chocolate with the cup in a cold place, and it would warm me up

Exactly the feeling I was going for! I’m glad you agree

looks like a T-shirt. Ha ha. Definitely warm and welcoming because of the material. I’m not sure about calm- it looks quite quirky and playful

Calm was a tough one on this project. I wanted you to feel the warmth enveloping you, so the cup had to be big enough to suggest using both hands. But big doesn’t usually read as calm, so I made everything smooth. I’ll get more opinions on this.

although work on your cup paid off, but I think the plates lacked the same warmth.

I like that this is wood. And that you explore the form so extensively. The handles are great.

Haha. Thanks! I already explained the plates, so I will tell you that its interesting people are so polarized by the wood. What species of wood works the best functionally/visually?

Looks like a baby, which can be all of your words. Study models helped

not sure about mouth impression. Plates are underdeveloped. More playful and calm. Definitely welcoming.

A pudgy baby being lifted into the air in fact was one of my first ideas. There was a picture of that on my storyboard, actually.

I like turtles.

Haha very funny

By the numbers:

· 3 said they did not like the wood idea; 4 said they liked it

· 5 said the storyboard layout helped out a lot; 3 people disagreed

· 5 people feel that the ideas are not communicated as well as the y could be in the plate/saucer

· 10 comments involved appreciation for extra effort and extensive exploration.

· 1 person likes turtles


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