oops i posted to the wrong blog


Some sketches, from along the process. In between are a TON of models that I’ll throw on here soon.

For now …. I need to go to sleep. I stayed up pretty late working on models and ideation. but. Plates are done. Solidworks model is underway. I’d say I’m doing pretty well.

And yeah I lost a lot of sleep on this project (more to lose still). ButI’m not leaving anyting on the table No decision goes unresolved. I’d dare say that you could ask me any quetion about this thing and I could answer it.

To Do:

try painting wood grain, finish Solidworks. take pitures of models. compile and print presentation poster/papers. That shoud do it. Im off to bed.



One response to “oops i posted to the wrong blog

  1. thanks Adam! Your awesome for posting so much! I have been going crazy wanting to see people’s stuff. Good luck on your review!

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