Our studio instructor said something in class today.. something along the lines of, “What separates good designers from mediocre ones is the ability to make decisions and stand by them.” -I think he meant to say “informed decisions.” We can’t be hasty with our decision making. Another pitfall in decision-making is having a superiority complex.

I know of designers who are so in love with themselves that they rush towards their first direction and cannot be argued with. Not good.

But I agree with what David said. Its something I’m getting much better at.

Some other things I’ve noticed improvements in (other than EVERYTHING), working efficiently. Working  hard has never been the issue. I’d say I’m pretty driven to do whatever it takes. But I have definitely been working more efficiently as of late. This means things get done both better and quicker. I think that’s just something that comes with experience.

so… Studio Update…. got auto modeling clay from Pearl Art store…I think. They had no idea what automotive modeling clay was, and my phone was dead so I just had to pick what I thought it was. I probably could have just gone with normal clay, but I really want to get the experience of using it. Just so that I can say I know how to use it. Really, I’m trying to learn all I can.

some serious modeling to occur tomorrow; I’m going to work on tiny details. We’re talking VERY small changes. class vote from there to look are minute changes that may make or break the success of my designs . The stiff automotive clay should help me change one thing at a time.  basic form is down for the cup, plate and saucer forms are almost solidified and should be figured out by Friday.

This above  is all form related. Material, color, etc have been mostly decided upon. Material is cermic, color is either gloss blue, or painted wood grain. Light blue is calming, but I like the wholesomeness of wood grain. The question is if faux-wood paonted on an amorphous object is calm or just confusing. That’s something I’ll have to test over the weekend, I think. I kinda like painting…

Oh ps I went to an ID lecture today by Clint Zeagler and the other guy who teaches “wearable design” with him. he basically showed off all the new toys they are creating.  But I was most impressed with the one-hand keyboard. Check out an image here

Cool stuff happens when designers and computer programmers work together. The lecturer said that he types around 150 words per minute. Thats a lot.


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