some stuff from last week

these are three concepts for the Teacup/ saucer design project.

My current direction combines elements from all three. I have study models of those, and pictures of that will be up soon.

A word on my ideas. I’m at a crossroad here. As previously stated, the project is  set of 3 objects: a tea/coffee cup, a saucer, and a plate.

I am looking at the project this way: The center of attention is on the cup. If we were designing a whole dinnerware set then it might be different, but the purpose of a tea set is to serve tea. That means the cup is the most used and the rest are peripheries.

I’m not saying that I am discounting the saucer and plate. They are important too. But they play supporting roles to the cup. They should all fit into a family and have similar feelings and characteristics for sure, but te saucer and the plate should reinforce the ideas of the plate. In this way, I am letting the design of the cup inspire ther rest of the set.

So… I have almost firmed up the form on the cup. Its down to two very similar, but different enough ideas. As I stated, my direction is a maxh up of the three proposals pictured above. Which is fine, since they all came from the same inspiration anyway.

So I am having a problem I have pushed the cutesy idea (insert sketches from sketchbook here) in a positive direction. but the more I push it, the farther away for mthe simple and serene form that the middle “Natural Tranquility” proposal had. I loke both ideas. Leaving emotions out… as a purely designing choice I can’t decide which idea to continue with and which to drop. Each have benifits….

So I guess its time for some market testing (taking polls on what communicates my ideas better), or some chats with the client (talk with the instructor)


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