Time to go Shopping!

ok not really. What I mean is… Time to work in the shop. Got ya there didn’t I? You could saythat I designed a trick.

Anyway… after sketching progress has halted, due to the designer version of writer’s block (designer’s block?).

You know what that means… go make study models. So i did. for pretty much the whole day. and I’m not done yet.

But wow I’m learning a lot and figuring a lot of things out. I’ll have a library of study models when I am done, each exploring/expressing something different. Even better, These models can be used to show process (portfolio anyone?)

so there. Good advice David. Pink foam and a rasp. Scrap sign foam and the lathe.  Sandpaper and a dustmask. Ans some invaluable insight about this design that will push its limits to be the best design possible. As usual, things are much more complicated than they seem.

and now for the Daily Design Link.

I found this the other day.The Design Dictionary. It seems to be an interactive version of a “History of Design” textbook. Still very useful for looking to the past for inspiration.

And since I did not post a Design related link for last time, I guess I’ll make that one up right now. so… one more Link!
Berlin Design Festival

that link is to prove a point. There are a lot of design festivals. There was one in London I was reading about earlier.

Where is the Atlanta Design Festival? Nowhere. It doesn’t exist. There used to be something called the “Atlanta Modern Design Festival,” but I cant find any inofrmation about it.

So.. I think that our class should put one on. As a publicity thing. Maybe we can use this to sell a product that we have designed/ made. Just think of it. The Atlanta Design Festival, sponsored by ID@GT. or maybe we want it to be more specific to us and call it the Georgia Tech Design festival, sponsored by ID3012C.  Our class should SERIOUSLY consider this.

So where is the Atlanta Design Festival? Nowhere. Yet…


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