Plate akwardness

What the heck? I’m having some serious difficulty figuring out what to do with the plate. I am really intrigued by the relationship between the cup and the saucer. I think they just have a really cool dynamic. They depend on one another.

But… what about the plate? It’s just kind of there. So its my job to design a relationship for the plate. Its a tad lame since I personally think the plate doesn’t nessesarily belong in the set. However, my “client” does, and once Iv’e made my case for getting rid of the plate, all I can really do is think harder for a design that nesseitates and justifies having a plate in the set.

Maybe this problem stems from a lack of “”tea time” experience. But thats one cool thing about being a designer. You have to immerse yourself to design effectively, so you are always learning. I know of a certain GT instructor who was doing an ambulance redesign. to get herself in the state to know what was really needed, she became an ambulance driver for a half a year. That’s really cool to me. Its almost like an actor immersing himself in a certain lifestyel in preparing for a role. The opportunity to learn mor eis always there as adesigner. Way cool.

so im out. ill have a cool design link up later.


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