Tea cups?

Well. that’s what I thought too. We have been asked to design a set of 3 objects: a teacup, a saucer, and a plate. But this is actually a cool opportunity to step back and look at the big picture of design. This project is a back to basics project, aiming to reinforce that any product, no matter how simple the function, has a “life”, and that it is our job as designers to decide what its life will be like.

Will it be a stubborn bully that just won’t cooperate?
Or will it be a helpful friend that tries to make life simpler for you?

These are the questions designers must ask themselves… and their designs. We can eve design the beginning of an objects life (creation/manufacturing) all the way to its demise ( is it destined for a trash heap, or the recycle bin?) if we take the time and effort to do so.


So that being said… We have been asked to come up with three words to describe our project’s personality.

I have always thought that this part of a project is the hardest. coming up with goals within almost limitless parameters is very difficult. How can a person know what will be a great project and what won’t be?

Most times, professionals pick what goals they think are most in line with the client’s parameters, so it is less of a problem for them. So. I have been asked to come up with some personality, and I have almost no prior information on which to base this off of.

Well, I’ll look at my portfolio. Strong forms and user-centric items are in abundance. So… they say in the Financial world, its best to diversify your portfolio. So that’s what I aim to do.

I imagine middle-aged wife opening her screen door and stepping out onto her patio, just five minutes after the sun has appeared over the distant hills. This is a much simpler time, and she has very few tasks ahead of her today. So she takes the time to relax, and let the new sun wash over her face- clean and refreshing. She sits down in her well-used rocking chair that her husband built for her thirty years ago. “Its early,” she thinks. “I’ll let him sleep just a bit more.” She sighs as she takes in all the sounds and colors of the new day.

Now stop. What emotion was she feeling right there? Seriously… see if they match my words.

  • contentment
  • simple
  • friendly
  • comfortable
  • welcoming
  • warm
  • calm
  • sublte

I find the writing of a story much more helpful than spouting off words at the start. That’s interesting, considereing how visual I am. But, the way I write is to pour emotion into hand-picked words. Just one of my arrows in my quiver.

so there you have it. Words. they are all kinda related… so I’ll trim the list down to three later.




3 responses to “Tea cups?

  1. hmmm I’m thinking of making the cup out of wood.

    A subtle material detail that conveys tranquility and comfort.

  2. warm, welcoming, peaceful

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