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studio cancel

booo. it happens i guess. hopefully we can continue forward and not get behind. getting behind would be bad.

time to get some R&R after that late night/morning working on studio stuff. Yeah I said it. only 1 day into the project and I’m already staying up late. Hard work at the back end of projects don’t make for awesome outcomes. its the hard work at the front end.

For real, real.


inspiration… Waho?

hmm. that’s interesting.

helpful stuff

Wikipedia’s list of kitchen appliances

The history of different types of food.

The definition of the word: Sleep which I seem to have forgotten.

Wal-Mart Excursion

here is a cool link on coffee cups compare with our last project.

Well. I’m more than a little cloudy about this project. the hardest part of any project in school is (to me) choosing an initial direction.

I mean- the instructors just kind of say, ” hey have the thing you want to make decided upon by next time we meet.”

The way I figure, we (as designers) are supposed to be problem solvers. How do we start thinking of a solution when we don’t have a problem to fix? I don’t want to make some crap that’s overloaded with features, that is supposed to solve a problem that isn’t there.

So. since I don’t have the time or resources to conduct any sizable research of what consumers are looking for, I went to the place that I could find it. no. not the internet.

Yep. Wal-mart. I spent 3 hours in the kitchen appliance section, looking at all the different products. I worte down what features were being offered, and what keywords were being used in the product’s advertising.

If these products had been designed correctly, their respective company will have done research on what consumers wanted, then incorporated those features. Finally, the product’s packaging would boast those features in a way that would make the product stand out.

so. in an abbreviated form, I’ll attempt to report my findings. This can help me know what would make a usable, desirable product.

well i left my sketchbook in studio, so I cant give exact numbers, but I will tell you the recurring threads.

-Clean: things are easily cleaned through material choice, and disassemble-ability.

-Simple- in use. as in…there is a one- touch system, or there is as quick “bagel” setting on the toaster.

-Fast. along the same lines as simple. makes things faster


-Restaurant quality- like Mr. Coffee guy said. people will pay extra to bring that restaurant taste into their homes.

-healthy. – ok well the was mainly in the George Foreman Grills. but its still important!

-Easy to store- cord storage… nesting bowls… etc.

teacups.. but not really

well i wasnt too enthusiastic about designing a tea cup set at first and it ended up pretty well. So now we are designing kitchen appliances. I feel slightly better about this subject matter.

Its more familiar, but that can also be a liability. I can’t get complacent and guess what’s going on. I had a good presentation last time because I knew that I did all the gruntwork. “whatever” mentality= incomplete thought process = half-assed project= bad presentation.

should be cool. not much to say yet. I stayed up pretty late looking at portfolios from students around the country. Its pretty impressive. I have my work cut out for me.

The gauntlet has been thrown.

Get the most out of college.

regarding Monday’s talk.. here’s what the pros are saying that they wished they had done in school.

It would be wise to read and heed.

Advice to Students- message thread

thats all for now. but seriously. if you want to get better these are the kinds of things you need to be reading

portfolio review

Title page sets up the project- beauty shot + title

Use some graphic elements

More color

More process

Look at magazines for layout inspiration

Contextual shots are always hot!

Don’t be afraid to not be square?

Lots of white space

3 sentences with smaller font max

Larger sketches

Aim for QUICK understanding.

Use a better font

Send sample set up next meet

10-15 minutes to talk through portfolio- first 30 seconds are key

Don’t make it a big file— should be a quick download

Problem solving=$$$

Size matters not. Don’t have dense pages. Err on the side of white space- clean, simple, easy to read/understand

Sketch pages- not necessary to be grid, mosaic it together! Show different angles/sizes.

Lots of contrasting color with white space

One line + one image

Only put Best of the Best. You shouldn’t put something in just to put it in. leave the dude wanting to see more (in a good way)

Concept sketches are also hot